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Comparing Folders & Paths

Comparing Folders, Folders or Drives

FileBoss provides power and flexibility in how folders and paths are compared, merged or purged. You can allow FileBoss to merge the files automatically or you can view and select the files individually or in groups. Once selected you tell FileBoss to merge the folders or even to delete the files you have marked.

And while in compare mode most of FileBoss' other tools, such as rename, delete and copy are still available to you.

Start comparing file using File > Compare Folders... from the main menu or highlight any folder, right-click and select Folder Tools > Compare this Folder to Another... from the popup menu.


Comparison View

After FileBoss has analyzed the files to be compared it will a control dialog where you can either instruct FileBoss to merge the folders or you can close the dialog and continue to analyze the files your self.

If you close the dialog to look at the files yourself you can always return to the Merge dialog by pressing the Merge... button on the Compare Folders tools dialog.


The Merge Dialog


Analyzing these file to be merged

If The Merge dialog above is closed FileBoss will show the files that are being compared. Files that are different will be marked with a code letter. In the image below N = newer, O = older and L = lonely.


The Compare View


Selecting and working with file being compared

While in Compare mode the Merge Toolbox will float on top. You can use it to select or hide files in groups and to change comparison options or to display the Merge Dialog again.


The Merge Toolbox


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