Screen Shots
Creating a File Set

Quick & Easy

There are three main fields in this quick and easy dialog.
The Paths field lists one or more paths that will be searched for files. You can include as many as you like and even specify subfolders that not be searched.
The Patterns field for specifying what files to include or specifically exclude. (Note the | -*.dll entry. The '-' character tells FileBoss to ignore all *.dll files.)
The Templates field stores all the settings in the dialog for later recall by name. When the advanced options are set using templates can be a real time saver especially since they can be called directly from the Main menu (and toolbars) to create a File Set in one click.

Expanded, Full Control, Version

Click the 'Advanced' button in the lower-right corner of the dialog and it will expand to display more options giving full control over what files are included in the new File Set. (Even including how long their names are!)


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