Screen Shots Renaming Files

Select, Click, Rename

To rename selected files and folders press Ctrl-R, select Actions > Rename > or click the command button.
Then select the appropriate tab for how you want to rename your files.
After pressing OK, each file will be presented for confirmation until you press Rename All on the confirmation dialog.
Note that when you press the OK button to rename, only the options in the current panel will be used to rename the files, preventing unexpected results.

out the Sample field at the bottom of the relevant panels. It will change to show the effect the options have on a sample file name.

Renaming Files Sequentially

Create new filenames for the selected entries based on sequential number with the option to add other common information.

Replacing Specific Text

Find text or a pattern that you specify and replace it with some other text.


Quickly set all names, extensions or both to lower case, remove spaces, convert spaces to underscores, insert text, replace text and more with just a couple of clicks. And FileBoss will remember the your recent settings so you can do it over and over and over again.

The Convert to DOS 8.3 Format option renames files to their true 8.3 format meaning that their new name will be exactly the same as their current 8.3 name. Due to the internals of Windows this requires a double-pass renaming routine that most other programs don't both with.


The Advanced panel allows sophisticated renaming with the ultimate in control over the format and content of the new filenames.

The Confirmation Dialog

Note that unlike most rename dialogs FileBoss uses two fields for the filename: one for the main name and one for the extension. This makes it much easier to change part of the main name without having to worry about accidentally changing the extension.
But if you would rather have both together simply set the Confirmation Dialog: Display Extension with Name option that is near the bottom of all the above rename panels


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